Thursday, August 25, 2011

I have not fallen off the wagon completely...

At least not yet.

But I did give myself permission to take a break yesterday.  Just for that day however.  I think it's only fair since my relationship is about ending (sort of... somewhat) and the person I love is leaving permanently.  But I'm still going to keep working on this novel, as I have been working on this novel in my spare time anyways.

I have found that talking into my phone's voice recorder while driving to and from work/school has become a great asset for sorting out my thoughts and this has enabled me to help establish a more solid grand timeline for the course of the story.  At one point I was uncertain as to when and where the advent of "Machinations" and "Gambit" would occur, and in which order, but now I'm certain that "Gambit" would come first, and I am also certain that "Machinations" will have to come after.  The reasons being is that after Vyela establishes herself and aligns herself with the Redeemers during the course of Gambit, even in the face of being able to choose to undermine some of her enemies, creates situation in which the Redeemers begin to think of her as not just a Guild asset, but an associate instead.  Many Redeemers even begin to grow close to her as she proves herself in combat and loyalty to those she considers friends.  This in turn will make it more viable and believable when a group of Redeemers volunteer to rescue Vyela during Machinations.

I have also done more work in the events following Between Blood and Bolts, as it was a period of which I was incredibly uncertain of what would occur.  I understood that the Redeemers would pursue resources with which to rebuild themselves further (after all, their first resource after Dark Day was stealing supplies from the Brothers of Blood, and after the third book the Law Guild is nearly disbanded), but I did not have a truly established "identity" for a particular villain.  I've decided to run Vyela headlong into her past as a result when she fights the Sheer (an incredibly powerful but strange Jylian syndicate), and this will still keep Vyela in the picture as the lead protagonist and will even give readers a little more of Jylia's past as I am imagining that the Nightmare City will become quite popular.  

 More to come later, but right now it is time to work.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Today was another accomplishment!  I skipped well over 210 words and onto 243 words, which accounts for a a about a 15% increase over expectations.  Last time I exceed my goal by 60%, but I will attempt to make my next go around to 263 words in one shot and I'll see how far I get.

I also got to pick the brain of a colleague and friend today, and learn much more about the realism of tapping into a network.  With today's excitement for "centrally" managed systems, it has somewhat made it easier for a competent person to go in and take a malicious lead, provided they have the right software.  It was explained to me that Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Switches do their best work by assessing patterns of traffic communication, and then barring any external connections that do not match these patterns.

But Vyela is breaking in from the inside out.  She may not have to worry so much about the Firewalls that lead out, as depending on the organization they will only have a Firewall or IPS installed on the internet recieving portion of the network.  This of course depends on how "up to date" I want to make her victims.  If the end-users are constrained by budgetary items, then they likely do not have a Firewall watching the Server.  On the other hand, if they have very confidential information, they might have a Firewall at the Core, the Distribution, and the Access layers, all looking for possible perpetrators.

Vyela is stealing diagrams and other encrypted data information for a rival business in the area.  She's also taking with her any other data storage that they are supposed to be utilizing, because it is possible that anything can be sold onto the black eMarket for a considerable profit, especially if she ends up with a Varken layout (known to happen, however, rare).

These are all thoughts I will meditate on.
It has been a long time since there has been an update, and a long time since I've taken myself seriously.

But the haunting spectrum of the tale known  as Eyes in Shadow refuses to be ignored, and has infiltrated my dreams in much the same way as the militant characters infiltrate various locations with in the story.

Last night I only wrote a mere 100 words, but I want to see if I can challenge myself to do an extra 20 words each night.  I think that is more than doable, and it falls in line with Bill O'Hanlon's "Do One Thing Different" chapter from "Write is a Verb.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Here is my attempt at something new:

Previously, even amidst the household chaos and the sounds of NCIS gradually purchasing my precious attention (and by that, my even more precious time) from my computer screen, I was able to hammer out 100 words afresh into the story.

This is mere baby food, as some may regard, but the important thing is that it was a start, and it was done without hardly trying.  If I can hammer out 100 words, could I do better next time? Could I perhaps hammer out say... 120 the next time?

So far, the answer seems to be yes as I was able to write on a notepad up to 193 words, exceeding my 120 word goal by 60%.  Therefore, next time, will I be able to accomplish 210 words?  Is this perhaps the "Baby Step" that will progress me forward.  In the words of the Mighty Mur Lafferty, if I write even the simplest paragraph each day, then one day those paragraphs will be an entire full-length novel.  Today, I'll get my second chance to reach the next word goal come 5pm, when I'll attempt to jump to my 210 word count while waiting for my ride to pick me up from work.

Here's what's new so far:

The thought nearly rose to escape her mind in the form of a chortle, one that she had to resist long enough for her to infiltrate the vicinity of the nearest surveillance camera.  Now was the time for her to begin to move.  After all, the night would only be young for so long.
                A flash of lightning pierced the darkening sky as if rising to agreement to her thoughts.  A rain drop fell atop her head through the open skylight.  She felt the water nestle slowly between the hairs of her tightly-pulled bun, causing her to gaze upwards through the trusses she held onto.  In a deep breath, the lone interloper would savor the storm-filled air, and drink in the plum-hued haze of the unearthly setting Jylia sky… Yes, dark Jylia, her restless city… her world… now her move.
                Briskly the female figure lifted her legs nimbly into the air, pulling glass and all far above her head as she nearly somersaulted in mid-air, her fingers still wrapped around the trusses.  Gently she slid the pane with her heels onto the topside of the roof, and then righted herself just as gingerly as before. 

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

~The Voice of Eyes in Shadow~

Yes I'm still alive! I have not been writing but it's been in the back of my thoughts. I picked up a new book called "Finding your Voice." It's for writing, and just weeks before buying I realized that when I'm in Eyes in Shadow mode there is a certain quality of love and atmosphereic vibes in correspondance when Eyes in Shadow is being laid just right. That's what happened in Chapter 2, the start of it. It flowed, it moved, it beckoned, it breathed; and did so without a strain without a question. It just was and so I left it and realized later how much of an essence it had to it. Yes indeed, the very bricks of Jylia City are alive with their own essence. This feeling, this frequency of despair and excitement is something I want to convey to readers, I want every scene in the story to be felt by my readers the same way I feel it. I realize though, that I don't feel any bits of essence when I read a story. But I do enjoy stories none-the-less, but it was just an interesting thing for me to note.

The first thing the Voice book tells me is to find a rhythm, my rhythm. Am I a blues singer, am I jazz? Well Jylia City does have it's own slew of soundtracks that I listen to when I am writing. This numbers from the British beats of Aim - Demonique, to about three Disturbed Songs, and then Evanesence on the horizon. Jylia City is in a way a malignant set of poetry, beautiful and disturbing. For every chance it gets to be blunt and obnoxious, Jylia also gets to be graceful and grandeur! I don't know if all of my stories will carry the same quality of essence to them but this is what I know about Eyes in Shadow. SO what is Eyes in Shadow's rhythm then? I am thinking about Nirvana right now, maybe a grunge type setting. But alas.. I think Eyes in Shadow has a more twisted poetic, almost opera-esque tune to it. Maybe Evanescence, but Evanescence is too alive, Eyes in Shadow is low... it's subtle. There are some interesting tunes in Nirvana when I think about it, that makes them unique just as Eyes in Shadow is unique.
Hmm.. but the more I listen.. the more I still come back to a British Rap. Demonique has a opera backdrop, a chorus singing eerily into the night yet amongst it are the beats, the fall of a drum, the pluck of a guitar, and the soundtrack of a horror movie playing in its midsts. This song has always and will always match Jylia City profoundly. I continue my search to break my writers block in Eyes in Shadow. Let's wish me luck.